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I love TV. And we're pretty lucky these days. Network shows that run from fall to spring aren't our only options. In the absence of our New Girls and Scandals, we have our Game of Thrones and Mad Men that runs until mid-June, I'm one of the 50 or so people who watches So You Think You Can Dance all summer. Breaking Bad picks up mid-summer and runs through the beginning of fall, and when there's nothing you want to watch on TV, hit up Netflix or Hulu for some binging, like I've done this summer with Parks and Rec, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, House of Cards....and I'll stop embarrassing myself now. 

Despite a wealth of amazing TV all year round and tons of resources to catch up on whatever you please at any time, it's still so exciting that as days get shorter and summer dwindles, our good old network shows come back, giving us a sense of schedule and routine. The promise of new favorites is almost as exciting as anticipating the return of old ones.That amazing time starts this week, yay! And capping off the week of premieres are the Emmys, the ultimate celebration of all the amazing TV there is. Enjoy, whatever you may be watching.


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