Rebecca Minkoff, image via: Style.com
Vfiles, image via: Style.com
Kaelen, image via: Style.com
Kate Spade, image via: TheCut.com
K.I.S.S. (keep it simple, stupid).

One of the main things that separates those who stay outside the fashion week tents and those with coveted invitations is a certain level of taste. Street style "peacocks" pile on the layers and accessories in hopes of getting noticed by SLR-toting photogs and editors, while models and celebrities sneak into the tents with a level of sophisticated simplicity. Looks like designers are taking that cue for spring. Though we've seen some notably flowy looks sent down the runway, athletic-cut, body skimming minis are pervasive for next spring, keeping looks streamlined and simple, while still modern and unique. Extra points for the LWD, which has seemed to make its way into nearly every collection so far.



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