Organic by John Patrick, image via: Style.com
Alexander Wang, image via: Style.com
Adam Selman, image via: Style.com
Tess Giberson, image via: Style.com
underwear is the new formal wear.

There's something I've always loved about a slip dress. It's simple, elegant and feminine, but also extremely sexy without being overt (except for its origins, of course). It's easy to dress them up in a straightforward way, but also in an ironic way for some fun. It seems that these 90s grunge staples are back for spring, but (of course) updated. They're so easy for spring and summer formal events because they're light and airy and align with the vibe of the easy seasons with long, sultry nights out. But there's something even better about daring to wear one in colder weather, with a sweater or tights and heavier additions to the simple garment that usually begs for a good sandal stiletto and elegant jewelry. 



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