Tory Burch, image via: Style.com
Tommy Hilfiger, image via: Style.com
Ruffian, image via: Style.com
Monique Lhuillier, image via: Style.com
all buttoned up.

Collars used to be a symbol of conservative dress, leaving little in the creativity department and mainly residing in the "corporate" or "preppy" categories of dress. Designers have turned that less than glamorous association on its head in the last few seasons with buttoned up to the neck collars in girly fabrics and eye-catching embellishment, making what used to be boring, exciting. Spring 2014 is no different, and I'm loving the spins designers are putting on the collar, especially on dresses. Sure, there are the expected collared shirts and shirtdresses, but it's been a lot of fun to see the normally starchy neckwear somewhat ironically contrast a shapeless or not so conservative dress in a surprising way.
Ostwald Helgason, image via: Style.com
In non-dress news, I'm loving this playful look on the sweater/collar layering with bright colors, a patterned cropped pants and a funny, slightly NSFW sweater logo. Great use of the collar to make a look that could skew casual a little more sophisticated.
VFiles, image via: Style.com
And on the other hand, I love this dress that makes another fun play on the collar by using the shape and placement of one with negative space. It gives an unexpectedly flattering effect to the neckline and adds a lot of interest.


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