what it is: Forever 21 Men's "Burnished Button Plaid Shirt"

why I love it: I just purchased a shirt from Forever 21 men not too different from this one, and I love it, but what drew me to that one and the one pictured above was how much I like it for men (and obviously that's who it's supposed to be for). It's the perfect casual button down and can be worn with jeans, shorts, khakis and a number of types of shoes to give it a very different look depending on what you choose. And it's a great layering piece as well. But for me, I've worn this as a "jacket" over a classic striped sheath dress, and it's great tied up over or tucked into a skirt. It works over leggings and under anything from a jean jacket to a blazer. The square, big fit can juxtapose feminine silhouettes and adds a sense of casual ease to any outfit. But that's true with this shirt for either gender. 

where to get it: Forever 21, $27.90