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Jennifer Lawrence eclipsed fellow famous Jennifer Aniston in hair cutting news last week when she appeared in pictures in a fresh pixie cut while kicking off the press tour for Catching Fire. Reactions were unanimously shocked and decidedly mixed on the new look, and Lawrence claimed damage from dyeing as the reason for the dramatic chop. I was on the end of not thrilled when I first saw the cut in the picture on the left and later that day in shots from the cast's Google Hangout. I think that Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful in a very unconventional way and this pixie did nothing to complement her face. Also, never forget Kate Gosselin. But when I saw the first red carpet photos of her hair styled in a sleeker, younger and much more flattering style, I was floored. Though the Dior she wore to the world premiere of the second Hunger Games, threatened to steal the attention from her face, I don't think it does (despite the backless, drapey, sparkly, ankle length situation going on below the neck). Her face looks natural and fresh and her hair looks so cool and fits her personality much better. This just goes to show how important styling is. And that whoever was responsible for her San Francisco press day probably shouldn't be given the privilege of styling her hair again.
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