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Bonobos is one of my favorite menswear brands. They started as a way for guys with a little more junk in the trunk to find pants that fit, and the brand has evolved into a large selection of well designed, well fitting and well priced options. I've directed several guys to this site because their pants tend to fit taller and more athletic guys well. Jeans these days don't seem to be for men who work out much. But enough about the boys.

As of today (supposedly, the website still isn't really up), I'm sooo excited about the brand's offerings for women, called All Year Round, or AYR. For now, it's just jeans, which we know should be successful due to the grief many women go through to find well fitting and flattering pants. In 2014 the brand will release a full collection for women. All I have to say about that is: get. excited. I definitely am.

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