We've reached the end of the first week of December, which means the year is almost coming to a close, we're in the midst of the holidays and it's almost time to settle in for the rest of the winter, as in, the not as fun part that comes after the new year. My birthday might be over, but as always, the beginning of a month always reminds me of things I find missing in my closet. Especially now that cold weather has started to hit.
tuxedo vest
These come in all color combinations, lengths and textures, and I've wanted one for a while. They're so great to wear over nice pants or dresses, and equally as good to wear over jeans. I like how Olivia has adorned hers with a brooch here. I love an item with options.
Images via: (top) instyle.com (bottom) jcrew.com
metallic phone case
I'm due for a new phone case, and this one caught my attention when it was on black Friday sale. Unfortunately, I missed the sale, but I've still got my mind on this shiny, chrome-y, glamorous case to dress up my phone.
knit turban
I have earmuffs that I love, but they're not so easy to fit into small bags, and sometimes they hurt after a while. I don't love hats much if I want to throw my hair up in the middle of the day, so a knit ear warmer turban is still stylish and does the job while still wearing a ponytail. Or not.
Images via: (top) anthropologie.com (bottom) stylecaster.com
sequin pants
I had some sequin pants that I got for five dollars at a beauty sale years ago. Then I gave them away because they seemed "ridiculous" and I never wore them. Well I'm regretting that now because I think these are a fun way to dress up an outfit with some personality. Jenna Lyons does it well here wearing hers with toned down pieces, but especially around these times some fancy shoes and a fancy top work, too.
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