Bridal fashion week ended not too long ago, and though I'm light years away from actually having to choose a dress, I can't say I don't like to look, especially in the spirit today's topic of dressing up. One of the most striking things I usually take away from the week of shows is how many different styles of dresses there are, and how much I would want to wear some of the dresses to other non-wedding fancy events (considering I'm only planning on wearing a wedding dress for a wedding one time). Though white dresses always threaten to be "bridal" on a red carpet or at other formal events, I love white in a sea of black and red party goers. If a white dress is styled right, it's easy to forget that looking bridal is a possibility in the first place. Below are some of my favorite dresses from the season that just showed to wear outside of a wedding, or, I guess, ones I'd love to see walk a red carpet. You know, in the event that red carpet invite comes in the mail. I guess we can always leave that for the celebs.
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