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Whether it's chrome effect nail polish, a gilded maxi dress or some kind of accessory, there's just something so appealing about shiny things. Whether the shine is ironic, like on a casual item, or brings something feminine to a more glamorous level, shiny objects are just satisfying to wear and almost always upgrade an outfit. 

Enter these dreamy Nike Liquid Metal kicks. I've been a little opposed to wedge sneakers since their beginning, just because to me it doesn't make sense to make something that's usually comfortable more uncomfortable, but these quickly changed my tune. I saw many nights out in both winter and summer swapping these out for my usual heels. They're a unique spin on a nearly tired trend, and even though they're sneakers, they're a little dressier. The metallic laces and element tile for gold and silver respectively on the tongue are just the icing on the footwear cake. These pair easily with dresses, shorts and jeans alike. 

At $200, they're no discount deal, but they're also not totally unreasonable. Especially compared to myfirst chrome love. Now to choose which color...

Available to buy at NYC's 21 Mercer. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find another outlet that sells at this point.
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