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The Emmys are this weekend, and I've been excited since.....probably March. The awards season opener celebrates the best in TV. I've pretty much had to tell myself I can't write about them until today, so happy Friday! Not only do I watch pretty much every show nominated which makes the awards part actually interesting, the show signifies the start of red carpet season! I'm not going to pretend to know enough to predict who and what our favorite TV celebs will wear, nor will I pretend that I can separate who I want to win or think should win from who might actually win. Instead, due to the amount of beautiful gowns that have walked the runway at spring 2014 fashion week, I'll talk about what I think would be cool to see based on what we've been given so far this fashion month*. I'm not going to go through every nominee or TV favorite, but there were certain dresses that just screamed or hinted that some of the guaranteed attendees should probably take my advice. Sure, red carpet surprises are always exciting, but guessing never ceases to be fun.
*Not nearly an exhaustive list, obviously. Too many dresses, too many actors...in a great way.

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