Images via: (top) insidefmm.com, (left) fuddonline.com, (right) Lanvin via style.com
Whether it's to make a statement about the fashion industry, demand and consumption, irony or some other reason, designers love to make creative jabs at unexciting everyday items. Designers also knows that the handbag is a mainstay of the female accessory repertoire and that the "it" bag has been a thing for as long as mass clothing production and distribution has been around. So they have a little fun with it.

Disposable bags are those items that serve a purpose and then you throw them away or reuse them, but they're decidedly unglamorous. I love how designers put a (pricey) spin on those things we usually don't give a second thought to. Whether it's leatherized plastic shopping bags, paper lunch bags or actual trash bags, everything is fair game. It might seem ridiculous that people actually spend hundreds of dollars on these, but I love a good play on the everyday as well as a bit of sartorial irony. The concept of a knockoff of these examples of bottom-up fashion is also pretty hilarious, but if I come across cheaper versions, I can't say I will pass them up.
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