Last fall when I was here interning, I found out about Madison Square Eats, and visited it an embarrassing number of times over the month or so it was open. This year, I made sure to make the pilgrimage, and (not surprisingly) the food didn't disappoint and the atmosphere was just as pleasant. I brought my camera along to document... and tried to pretend like I was a legit photographer.
view from outside of the park.
Calexico, a Mexican food truck parked at the south entrance posts its usual whereabouts on its Twitter page. I tried this last year and it made for well-portioned and delicious Mexican, and a nice Chipotle to-go alternative!
Delicious food in a pretty downtown setting. (obligatory "atmosphere" shot
I beelined for AsiaDog, one of my food festival faves.
Maura opted for Roberta's, a delicious Brooklyn-based wood-oven pizza place. I also had this last year, and it is some quality pizza.
I went with 2 veggie dogs, the mel + steve topping and vinh topping (with veggie paté).
I shared one of these ice cream sandwiches from Melt Bakery last year at a Grub Street food fair, and after one bite, I knew sharing would take too much self control. So when I saw these here this year, I was happy to get a red velvet allllll to myself. mmmm.
red velvet perfection.
Maura went with snickerdoodle, also delish.
in which I try to be a photographer.
peace out, MSP.

10/24/2012 11:35am

Looking at your photos is making me miss NYC! Those ice cream sandwiches look delicious :)


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