Image via: Tommy Ton for GQ
It's pretty common to hear from one girl to another, "that is SO you," about a piece of clothing, but for guys this happens...less often. The times I encounter this type of phrase in reference to a male friend, it's not typically a good thing. Another girl friend encounters some sort of offensive button down, laughs and says "that's such a [insert male's name here] shirt," with an eye roll and then that's that. Well, this article I came across on GQ.com changed my perception of that kind of instance. 

Normally I'm pretty against wearing the same thing every day, and signature looks seem like something of the past, and predictable can be pretty boring. When variety is available, why not take advantage? Well, that's not everyone's style, no pun intended, and sometimes branding your style via a consistent daily look, or uniform as they call it in this article, is just what you need, especially when guys have fewer options out there.

Via: GQ.com

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