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The temperature is dropping, and that means your favorite pair of worn-in jeans and paper thin t-shirt won't cut it to walk outside anymore. This is when reaching for your shiny new pair of corduroys is the best option. As it continues to grow colder and throughout the subsequent winter, there are days when you need something that works harder if you're not willing to layer long underwear beneath your legwear. Sometimes texture can scare guys away, but cords are a great investment. They allow you to add color to your wardrobe without going with the daring colored denim, and having these will really help keep things interesting during different seasons. These will differentiate between your cold and warm weather clothes. I recommend getting these in gray or a warm khaki color so building outfits and pairing with shoes and belts doesn't require extra thought, but you can go with navy (like the stylish guy above), black or even other colors like red or dark green to mix it up if you're confident in your outfit building ability. These also serve as dressier casual options than jeans, so pair them with oxfords and a quarter zip, a comfy shawl neck sweater or a v-neck sweater with a button down underneath. It doesn't matter whether you're into a bigger or smaller rib of corduroy (though smaller is a little younger and more modern), just invest in a pair or two...or more, and start the cold season off right. Esquire can help get you started shopping.

Curious about cords at all? GQ has you covered. And if you want to get fancy with it, they have some full cord suit options here.
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