As far as male accessories go, there aren't many options. As I've said before, a watch is a must, but beyond that, jewelry can be inappropriate or hard to pull off and cuff links require a specific type of shirt. And as the trend in menswear has become dressing up on a regular basis, the tie bar is the perfect way to accent an outfit. 

If  you're going to go for this revitalized trend, go with silver or gold (whichever you wear more) in a very plain design. If you're going to go all out and buy a few, you can get creative like the one in the picture, especially to wear for more informal tie-wearing occasions. Make sure the bar doesn't extend past the width of the tie, and don't use a super short one on a regular width tie, it looks disproportional. This is a really easy way to upgrade and outfit or add interest to a plain tie or suit if you get bored with it. The Tie Bar is a good place to start for both ties and tie bars. If it's not your style, it's not a big deal, but if you're looking for an easy upgrade or finishing touch, this is a great way to add a fashion forward accent to an outfit.

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