Image via: Tommy Ton for GQ
Most guys know not to wear white socks with anything other than sneakers. Or they should. But today's more stylish men take the dress sock a little further. If your pants are the right length, your socks will be visible to the world once you take a seat, so why not invest in a little interest? Whether you're wearing a suit, just dress pants, khakis or really any other kind of pant with a sock-required shoe, some sock fun might just be what your outfit needs.

Some guys don't get to have too much fun with their workwear, and many don't have the confidence to go crazy with their clothes. This small, only sometimes visible detail of an outfit can make all the difference when it comes to style and personality.

For some industry expert tips on getting in on this trend, consult GQ, Mr. Porter and Details to get started.

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