This brown will go with anything you'd want to wear short of a dressy occasion, more versatile than even the original Sperry color.
The laceless design and rich leather make this a slightly dressier alternative to the boat shoe, but the two are nearly interchangeable in an everyday outfit.
As men, you don't really have many opportunities to free your feet. Mandals are not universally accepted, and most other footwear requires socks. In the summer, that can get hot, and with shorts....let's not even go there. That's why it's essential to own at least one pair of sockless shoes. Now, I'm not talking about any shoes that you buy with the intention of reserving them only for sockless occasions. There are shoes that are and are not acceptable to wear without socks, and you need to at least own one pair. These are most likely going to be for casual or dressy-casual (worst dress code ever) occasions, and most basically I'm talking a boat shoe or a loafer.

Get these in a good not-too-dark brown so they can go with everything and will look good dressed up or down, with pants or shorts, the works. If you're only going to have one pair, it doesn't really matter whether you go with the loafer or the boat shoe, but the loafer is going to be able to be dressed up more. Go with traditional shapes and colors and you can't go wrong. Most men don't realize the difference opting for the sockless semi-dress shoe over the sneaker can make in an outfit. It's an across the board instant upgrade, and not only will your feet thank you for some freedom during the summer months, those around you will thank you for leaving the mandals at home.

Note: In colder months, socks with loafers (NOT boat shoes) can be acceptable. But it can also be tacky and disastrous. Study up and make sure you do it right before you jump in.
Shoes: left, Sperry Top-Sider (aforementioned original color here); right, Cole Haan

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