what it is: Thorny jewelry, aka the latest in semi-dangerous looking accessories

why i love it: Here at The Fixation Files, we're fairly obsessed with jewelry that looks like it has the potential to be used as some sort of weapon. The more spikes, studs and rivets, the better.  Jewelry with thorns is a new take on this same idea, and I love how these bracelets meld toughness with delicacy in a way that spikes simply can't. 

where to get it: See below

Alkemie Thorn Bangles, $99/each, alkemie.com
JewelMint Wild Thorn Bracelet, $29.99, jewelmint.com
Elizabeth & James Thorn ID Bracelet with White Sapphire, $175, shopbop.com


07/11/2012 1:28pm

Love these bracelets! Great picks for all price ranges!!


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