what it is: a goldish-greenish nail color that has begun to become ubiquitous in the nail world

why I love it: Last year, I added this Butter London color to my nail polish collection, classifying it as a bizarro gold and moving along. But when I took a closer look at it when I went to apply it for the first time, I realized just how cool the color was. It looks a little different in every light, which is part of what makes it trendy, and doesn't show wear as much as cream polish. It's a pretty understated metallic, so you could even argue in defense of it being a neutral, but one that's much less of a snooze than, say, one of those colors that could be used over a French manicure. It's got more of a punch than a traditional metallic, and since I'm someone who does typically wear nail polish seasonally (no neons in winter, no darks in summer), this is a great subtle but fun go-to that I can wear on fingers or toes all year.

Chanel came out with Peridot last year, and it quickly became a coveted shade among the polish-obsessed. Recently, I've been seeing Ciaté's version of the same shade popping up a lot, too. After a quick look, I saw that many brands made a color like this (for good reason!), so here's a round up of some of my favorites to see how they compare!

where to buy it: Chanel, $26; OPI for stores (can't buy online), $8; Ciaté, $15; Essie, $8; Deborah Lippman, $18; but you can also get many of them at Sephora, too (and Ciaté doesn't have to ship from the UK that way).

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