what it is: Dior Top Coat

why I love it: I didn't start painting my nails regularly (read: every week) until last year, but once I did I realized the importance of top coat immediately. Top coat helps make the polish stay on your nails and makes the color look shiny and professional. Every nail polish company makes top coat, but when I accidentally came across this one, home nail painting was changed for me forever. Not only does this make nail polish dry extremely fast, my nails end up looking very shiny all week, and it makes the polish stay better than other brands of top coat I've used. The worst part about this top coat is running out of it. It comes with a bit of a price tag, but if you paint your nails regularly, this should be one of the products you use most often, so it's definitely worth the price for shiny, professional looking, well-preserved home manicures.

where to get it: Dior.com, and select department stores, including Nordstrom and Bloomingdales, $20

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