what it is: J.Crew Tippi sweater in polka dot

why I love it: When I was about 14, I went through a polka dot-loving phase. This was when my interpretation of matching included colors, as well as patterns. I had a white tank top with pink polka dots that I would always pair with a white scarf belt that also had different shades of pink polka dots in the same size as the tank top. Those were dark times. Anyway, this phase came and went (I think it lasted a little too long), and since it ended, that "outfit" I used to wear with pride is what usually comes to mind when I think about polka dotted clothing. This makes me cringe. That is, until I was at J.Crew the other day and I saw this sweater. I'm not sure what color combo I love the best, but I love the contrast in this pink and gray option, even though I'm not much of a pink person. The polka dots are just large enough to be sophisticated but not so big that they could be part of a circus costume. The sweater itself is perfectly classic and a great weight for both layering and standing on its own. The kind of random placement of the dots I think was what sold me in the end. They are populous (yeah, I used that word) enough to make this a polka dotted sweater, but not so systematic that I feel like I'm in 8th grade shopping at Delia's. Per usual, my mental outfit generator is going crazy, and per usual, I think I'll be staring at this from afar for a while. Though, an extra note, if I go back and they have only an XL on sale, this is a sweater that works just as well in an oversized look!

where to get it: J.Crew, $89.50

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