what it is: Face Stockholm for J.Crew lipstick in Chili Flake

why I love it: I was doing a little browsing to escape from the NYC heat the other day, and obviously ducked into J.Crew to see what's up with pre-fall over there. I usually don't gravitate to the beauty products because of the backhaul I have at home, but at the sight of a shade called Chili Flake, one of my favorite seasonings of all time, I had to see what was inside. The picture above doesn't fully capture how amazing this shade is. It is a red, but with a touch of orange and the slightest hint of a coral that makes it more striking than almost any other red I've seen. I kept taking the top off of the lipstick and looking at its amazingness. At the time, I was just taking mental inventory of what's in store for the season, but this has been on my mind for almost a week now, so I think I might have to go pick one up, even if my lipstick collection is heaping over the tray where I store it.

where to get it: J.Crew, $20

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