Image via: TheCut.com
what it is: Isabel Marant for H&M
why I love it: It's now pretty obvious that I'm a fan of designer collaborations. I mean, it's designers at a discount, so...obviously, right? Well, Isabel Marant, famous for colorful, patterned knits and jackets and the original popular-izer of the wedge sneaker is coming to your neighborhood H&M this month, and I'm excited. The look above is my favorite of the looks that have been released so far, but in the collection is one of her famous blazers, as well as a lot of other really cool relaxed, patterned, slightly hippie inspired (but not so much that you feel cornered into that style) items. As the weather starts to turn for-real cold, these cozy cool items are being released just in time.
where to get it: H&M starting November 14, prices vary
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