Michelle Williams in the campaign, image via: MarieClaire.co.uk
what it is: Louis Vuitton "W" monogram tote
why I love it: I don't really love labels with a capital L, but Louis Vuitton can keep it so tasteful that I don't even mind the monogram on their bags. I own a Speedy 25 in monogram that my very generous aunt got me for a birthday present a few years ago, and I've wanted the neverfull tote and the Sac Plat for quite a while now, in a detached, aspirational, I'll get them when I'm rich someday (maybe, maybe not) kind of way. I guess you can say I'm somewhat of a LV fan. The first thing I noticed about this bag was how great Michelle Williams looked in the ad, and how I was surprised that she was doing a LV ad. Then I noticed this new purse, from the designer's "W" collection, and I fell hopelessly in love. It's just so perfect in so many ways. It can obviously hold all the necessities, but it is unique in a way we haven't seen from LV monogram handbags in a while. It clearly goes with anything and everything and, to me, it just screams must have. At least staring doesn't cost anything.
where to get it: Louis Vuitton (not available online through the website), $4,000
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