what it is: Timex 'Easy Reader' premium original watch with leather strap

why I love it: If you saw my existing watch collection, you'd gather that my go-to watch style is a boyfriend watch. I'll admit, I wear watches for how they look rather than function, but I rarely go a day without wearing one. Right now, my collection consists of a gold and silver metal band watch, a brown leather band watch you can see here, and a neon pink watch I picked up at Target as an afterthought that has proven to be more versatile than I was expecting. But I don't have an ideal black watch for those relatively common occasions where it will complete the outfit perfectly. 

Black watches can be a little overwhelming, especially in oversized styles, but there are a lot of options out there because it's a big trend for men and women right now. There wasn't any specific watch I wanted until I saw this one. It satisfies a bold day look and a dressed up night look, but the one detail in the yellow second hand is subtle-yet-interesting enough to set this watch apart from other black watches. It's a simple shape with perfect proportions to stand alone or be part of an arm party. It's perfect.

where to get it: Timex.com, Nordstrom, $65

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