what it is: JINSoon nail polish

why i love it*: It's fitting that this shiny new line of nail polishes launched in the middle of Fashion Week mayhem; their creator Jin Soon Choi is a fixture backstage, where so much Fashion Week mayhem occurs. She's basically the rockstar of the manicure world: she does all of the top shows and major celebrity photo shoots, and she has three successful eponymous salons in NYC. That's why it's baffled me for so long that she hadn't come out with her own line of nail polishes (yet somehow we live in a world where the Kardashians and Justin Bieber have). This line of polishes couldn't come Jin Soon enough (wow, I'm really sorry about that). Enter Space NK's JINSoon line. I was lucky enough to try out Nostalgia, a pinky-nude color, and I can report that these long overdue polishes don't disappoint. 

First, the shades: between the two "collections" (the "A La Mode" collection has trendier, bolder shades, while the "Quintessential" collection is more classic), there's really something for everyone. I'm pretty anti-shimmer when it comes to by nail polish choices, so I love that there's not one speck of iridescence in any of these shades. They also earn bonus cool points for being named by top models. 

But in my opinion, the formula is really what sets these nail polishes apart. I'm not kidding when I say these lacquers made it feel almost impossible to mess up even a rushed DIY manicure. The nude color I tried was opaque with just one coat, which pretty much never happens with other brands (sorry, Essie Mademoiselle). The polish goes on smoothly and dries with a super shiny finish, so you can pretty much skip base and top coat. 

where to get it: spacenk.com, $18


*This should say "why I really, really, really, really love it." Yes, I am aware that I just wrote a love letter/ode to a nail polish. Try it and you'll understand.

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