what it is: Madewell Arrowstack necklace

why i love it: If you follow me on Pinterest (if you don't, I dedicate this emoticon :( to you), you may get the feeling that I have a moderate (read: severe) addiction to anything that comes close to a chevron print. If I had my choice, I'd use it to adorn my home, nails, outfits and anything else that can be adorned. I've also already established that I have an abiding love of all things Madewell. 

Last week two of my obsessions collided when I stumbled upon this mixed-metal chevron necklace at Madewell, and let's just say, two obsessions do make a right. Simple and versatile, this necklace can serve as the stand-out centerpiece accessory in one outfit, and as a layering piece in another. I love the mixed metal aspect of it because it pretty much leaves room for interpretation when deciding what other jewelry to wear with it. Plus, it's chevron! I rest my case.

where to get it: madewell.com, $55

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