what it is: Twistband no dents hair ties

why I love it: I had been hearing about these hair ties since last summer, but it seemed that only people who were from or had traveled to California had access to them. A friend gave me one to try, and I'm now obsessed. I don't have to worry about these breaking like the hair ties I used to use, and they hold my hair up just as well, if not better, than the alternatives. Not only do these not leave a dent in your hair, I don't even feel it when it's on my wrist out of use like I did with my old hair ties. These come in an array of colors, and they make other products too, like headbands. Now that I know where to find these, I don't think I'll ever be switching back to my usual drugstore hair ties.

where to get it: thetwistband.com, $2 for one hair tie (come in 3- and 6-packs, too)

06/26/2012 12:47pm

I'd been wondering where to get these!!!!


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