what it is: Zara studded camouflage shirt

why I love it: I'm not really a camo girl, but I saw this hanging not where it was meant to be hanging while at Zara and the thing where I instantly come up with about 1,000 outfits happened. Then I couldn't stop thinking about it for days and eventually went back and got it. I got it a little big so that I can wear it as a "jacket" over pants and a shirt or a dress, or button it and wear it as a modern take on a button down with pants or a skirt (tucked in, left out, sloppy tucked, sleeves rolled, etc, etc I could go on and on). The green is a neutral and the studs and gold accents make a regular casual-leaning shirt more interesting, modern and dressier. It looks great against dark or light solids and is the perfect element for pattern mixing, and it's just right when you're traveling or don't know what to wear; you can just throw on and it basically makes and outfit instantly. 

where to get it: Zara, $79.90

07/12/2013 3:56am

This is a rare camo shirt for the women I have ever seen and I would like to thank you so much for the share. Great post and all I can say is that I can proudly suggest your page to my friends too in their search for rare products. Keep it up.

07/24/2013 5:56am

The camouflage shirt posted on the page is really beautiful. I would like to know if this shirt is available for gents too. I liked the design very much. Please reply me as soon as possible. Thank you for sharing.


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