"Day Clouds" Sweatshirt
Women's Tiger Sweatshirt
Embroidered K Ribbons Sweat
"Lotus Eye" Neoprene Sweat
what it is: Kenzo Paris "graphic" sweatshirts
why I love it: It's finally sweater weather, and as much as we all love a chunky knit or the feeling of soft, warm cashmere, sometimes it's fun to go a little edgier. Just like the equally sporty baseball hats, sweatshirts are really having a fashion moment. Brands and designers are veering away from the plain, oversized, fleecy variety for more made-for-women types with interesting designs that work just as well with jeans and cool boots as they do with a mini or maxi skirt and heels. These Kenzo varieties, which are favored by street style stars, are a little more aspirational in price, but the French brand does an excellent job of utilizing fun colors and designs that work well with both very styled as well as cool casual looks. One of these is definitely on my wish list. In the meantime, it's not hard to use these as inspiration when shopping for one in a more practical price range.
where to get it: Kenzo.com, prices vary

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