what it is: Alterna Bamboo Volume 48-Hour Sustainable Volume Spray

why i love it: I don't have particularly thin hair, but I'm also never one to turn down a volumizing product. Simply put, this one is by far the best I've ever used. Just a few spritzes of this eco-friendly product on damp hair leave you with seriously noticeable volume that lasts. I let my hair air dry most of the way, then flipped my head upside down and used a blow dryer to give the spray even more of a boost. Not only will this product thicken skinny strands, but it also provides weightless lift to styles and holds curls or bouncy blowouts in place in a crunch-less way most hairsprays can only strive for. Another added bonus is the light, barely-there fragrance (which is ideal when I already have about 12 other scented sprays, lotions and products in my beauty routine). Can you tell I'm a bit obsessed?

where to get it: sephora.com, $24

07/30/2012 2:20pm

Definitely going to have to try this! Always looking for new volumizing products!

07/30/2012 10:53pm

Glad to see you're using (and liking) one of the products I gave you!


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