what it is: J.Crew Toni tassel loafers and Mona tassel heels

why I love it: Where do I start? I have a weakness for menswear-inspired pieces (just as I have a weakness for menswear), and both of these shoes strike the perfect balance between menswear elements and a feminine shoe. The black-on-brown color combination makes these shoes able to go with literally anything, and I love the oxford detailing and the tassels as a nice extra touch. I think what made these catch  my eye even more than other well-designed loafers, though, is the shape. Instead of a classic loafer or a trying-too-hard to make a feminine shape out of a classic loafer (read a shortened or too-rounded toe area), these take the shape of a smoking slipper, a shoe I also love. Sometimes hybrid styles can turn out less ideally than intended, but these are perfect. I wish I could stop staring.

where to get it: J.Crew (flat), $238; J.Crew (heel), $268

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