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It might be Friday, but technically Friday is still a work day, so I'm going to talk about interview wear. Dressing for interviews is a lot like dressing for something like a first date in the sense that they're both stressful and exciting situations, and if you aren't comfortable or don't feel like yourself on the outside (ahem, first impressions), then it's going to show. Now, some fields have their limitations, but even so it's important to wear styles, colors and textures that will give you one fewer thing to worry about. 

I've been going on a fair amount of interviews during my job search, and I don't typically like to duplicate outfits for several reasons 1) an opportunity to make an outfit is an opportunity to make an outfit, I'm not just going to pass that up. 2) Different potential jobs warrant different looks. 3) Different times of year require different levels of layering (duh). 4) There's something that just feels wrong about re-wearing an outfit that was designated for a similar but not quite the same event. Because these interviews are usually in the fashion realm, I get to have a bit of fun with my look and accessories and show my personality, but I don't like to stray too far from the conventional rules. I'll wear something like a button down, but wear one trimmed in leather, buttoned to the top with a statement necklace (similar to the above). Or I'll wear a pencil skirt, but one that's brightly colored with colored pumps and a blouse with an asymmetrical hem untucked. If I go with a dress, I usually keep the style and color simple and add personality with accessories and lip color. Work pants? I don't really own any, but I do have a pair of plaid ankle trousers from J.Crew that I'll pair with a patterned top and bold pumps. There are a lot of options, even with limitations.

Now, to the photo. Not everyone has to wear "work appropriate" clothes to work, but these types of silhouettes are important to have in your closet in the event you have to dress for something with that type of attire. This doesn't mean you should run out and buy a sad, gray skirt suit, and Ahn of 9 to 5 Chic demonstrates this remarkably well. This outfit is so simple, yet still unique and shows her personal style. She just tucked a plain, neutral button down into a leather pencil skirt and paired it with pumps like so many workforce women have. But the bold bib necklace, striking (but not distracting) lip color and bright bag pull this outfit away from the snooze zone and show that she is professional, honors that type of dress code, but doesn't let it keep her from adding personal touches. We can learn a lot from this approach.
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