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Today's menswear look comes from the ever-difficult blazer over t-shirt look that walks the fine line between not quite there and effortlessly polished casual. This guy achieved the latter with his simple casual outfit. I'll admit that I'm not quite sure why sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't, but fit and blazer choice definitely have something to do with it. This guy has some well-fitting lightly distressed jeans that set the tone for the outfit. He paired them with a t-shirt that also fits well and, though it is a "graphic tee", it's clearly not something he got for free from a frat party, nor is it anything close to an Ed Hardy situation. It's understated and alone, it would make a nice casual outfit under the plaid/flannel button down that peeks out under the blazer, which is important. Again, sometimes that look--t-shirt under unbuttoned button down--can look sloppy and juvenile, but if you choose the right items, it won't look that way. He finishes off the foundation with some nice sneakers. These aren't what he'd wear to the gym and they aren't scuffed and worn, they're a sneaker for the purpose of a casual outfit. They work. Then comes the hard part: the blazer. It's not part of a suit set (which would make it NOT a blazer), and it fits him well, like a sweater. It's a well considered afterthought that doesn't scream structured and polished over a casual outfit, he styled it to make it fit with the casual vibe. It's neutral coloring and winter textures help with the casual feel as well. The finished look is easy and not fussy at all. It doesn't look like he's trying too hard, and it really elevates a simple jeans and t-shirt look for day or a more casual night.

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