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It's officially November, which means that soon we're going to have to seriously start bundling up. The pleasant transition weather in October begins slipping into almost-winter territory right around now. Enter this amazing sweater (the amazing whole outfit comes later). It's Friday which means 1) it's Friday and 2) almost saturday, so this sweater looks pretty much as welcoming as it gets, and she wears it well. Now that it's actually humanly cool enough to wear leather and not be considered a little crazy, these slouchy leather trousers, which are just a little oversized, pair well with the extremely oversized sweater. It's a possibly dangerous look with so much slouch, but the asymmetrical hem of the sweater, sloppy tuck (which helps define the waist) and cuffed ankles give the silhouette some shape. Simple black pumps with interesting detailing were a great, feminine choice to finish off this outfit and add some structure and a bit of refinement. Now go and consider the many options for this sweater while I go get one for myself.
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