Image via: Refinery29
I've been pretty into dresses over shirts lately because I've seen it done well around the interwebz. I can't help but catch a little of this holiday buzz, even though I try to fend it off until after Thanksgiving (one holiday at a time, please). That's why this sparkly dress caught my eye. It's something I'd probably pick up on my own, and would be perfect for pretty much any holiday party, but it looks so good over this unassuming gray turtleneck, too. Add some tights and biker boots and this look becomes daytime cool. Pair it with some pointy (but not too pointy) black pumps with an oh so skinny heel, and it's a not as dressy but extremely interesting night look. I mean, if you're going to be wearing this between now and spring, why not make yourself more comfortable and add some sleeves?
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