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Happy December! It's that time of year that we consider it winter, commercial holiday season is in full force, but, though it's cold enough, it's not quite actual winter yet. There's something to embracing the feel of the holiday season, but holding back a little bit and savoring the last of fall. The holiday season may be over by January 1, and we still have to endure about three more months of winter weather after the excitement is over. This girl has mastered that not much talked about fall-to-winter transitional time pretty perfectly. The loose-fitting sweater with cuffed jeans and flat booties are so simple, casual and perfectly fitting for fall. Add the soft plaid scarf and heavy oversized tweed coat and this outfit is almost-winter ready. This outfit is also great because it's comfortable and versatile. It works for fall family time in the suburbs as well as a coffee date in the city. It seems so basic, but each piece comes together perfectly for an outfit you can't quite look away from.
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