Image via: H&M
How cool does she look? I love the straightforward sweater tucked into this patterned skirt that's not so long that it looks like it needs to stay at work, but not so short that it looks like it only can go to the club. Like a t-shirt, but a little more interesting and fall appropriate. The pattern is eye-catching and the whole outfit is just easy, but much more elevated than the sweater would be with jeans, which is also easy for fall. A clutch instead of a handbag make this even more stylish and the hat punctuates the look with a statement that offsets the femininity of a tight, short skirt. I wish we could see the shoes, but it's maybe for the best that we can't because this look would work with so much. Combat boots, riding boots, pumps, sandals, chelsea boots, interesting flats, sneakers, booties--depending on where you're going, this look invites a selection of footwear. A statement necklace or scarf could also work with this, but sometimes simple is best. I definitely want to go to lunch AND after work drinks with this girl.

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