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I'm pretty much in the minority of people who aren't under the Blake Lively spell. She famously doesn't work with a stylist, and I really think she should because her fashion choices, particularly for red carpet events, often underwhelm me. But she's famous and beloved and married to Ryan Reynolds, so what do I know? Anyway this isn't about me (or her, really), it's about the outfit. It has been legitimately cold over the last few days and I've been dreaming of living in thick sweaters that make up half of an automatic outfit (side note: there are some great sweaters in stores right now if you are sharing this sentiment). Blake here is doing this sweater dressing in a more risky way while still keeping it together exceptionally well. She's got the black and white color scheme going in so it's safe to mix the Isabel Marant stripes and houndstooth pants (which are extremely awesome but also look sort of navy in this picture?) and the black Louboutin flats and gray purse are the only necessary accessories and they're remarkably unfussy. Bonus for the matching shades. There's so much potential for there to be a lot going on here, and it all just jives. Next time you're wanting to be lazy and uninspired like me, reach for a more interesting knit and a patterned pant instead of the normal ancient sweater/jegging combo and feel like Blake. Or wish you were her, especially after her recent admission of never working out and eating a lot of chocolate. Something to aspire to.
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