Image via: Tommy Ton for GQ.com
In honor of this unseasonably warm day, I'm going with a lighter look today. This is obviously an extremely easy outfit comprised of all things most guys have in their closets, but that is all the more reason why fit is everything. The t-shirt isn't yellowing, stained or stretched out and the pants are a nice dark wash and fit the leg well. The highlight of this outfit is the cuff and sock combo. You don't see a cuff and sock very often, and now that ankles are at risk of feeling the chill, it's important to know how to do it well if the cuff is your kind of look. The shoes are a Keds-looking oxford that finishes off this casual and easy look well. It looks like he has a plaid button down in his lap to throw on over, which is even better. Unbuttoned or buttoned, it works easily into this simple look.
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