Image via: Tommy Ton for GQ
It's starting to feel genuinely cold out, but that doesn't mean style goes out the window. It does, however, probably mean that you can't go sockless and layers are something to actually consider. Summers can suck for guys because suits just kind of aren't fair while girls get to wear airy skirts and sleeveless dresses, but winter is really where suits can be the most convenient cold weather option while leaving guys looking dapper, put together and on top of their style game. If traditional suits aren't required for work, or a whole suit look might seem too stuffy, roll up the sleeves and throw on some sharp sneakers and a hat--all solid colored as to not take away from the pattern in the suit. This guy went with a sweater wrapped around his neck instead of a tie or just nothing at all, which isn't necessarily everyone's look, but that sweater could be thrown over the button down under the jacket to keep it even more casual. This guy knows his way around a suit and all the options that come with what's normally considered formal wear. This outfit can serve as a how to for taking off the suit accessory staples and replacing them with something casual and cool.

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