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Happy Monday! Today we're keeping it casual with this easy, cool outfit. It's a little cold to go sockless at this point in the season, but this works with socks just as well. Maybe better if you don't go with a cuff, though. First things first, get jeans that fit with a nice wash that can be taken from day to night, from dinner with her parents to the seventh fireball shot on a Saturday night. This look simply doesn't work without some well fitting grownup jeans. Grab your favorite (also grownup) casual belt to polish it off. Take a t-shirt that you'd wear on its own and throw on a shallow v-neck sweater in a color that works with the t-shirt. To finish it off, throw on a casual jacket and get a little risky with white oxfords. White isn't the only risky but cool option, though. Just go with anything that might make you think twice, or that you might think is a little too out there. But just a little bit. Don't forget your watch and sunglasses, and you're good to go. This outfit is so easy it's almost painful every guy doesn't already dress this well. But now you know.
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