Image via: ShopGella.blogspot.com
Oversized knits and plaid are probably two of the biggest trends of the moment, and this outfit helps show just why that is. I'm still in denial that winter is imminent, and while I futilely hope for one last (long lasting) warm up in the weather, it's pretty clear that I'm just going to have to deal with the reality of the season until real warmth starts to come sometime in April (hopefully!). Until then, when I have to face the elements outside, I will rely on blanket-like sweaters to act as the next best thing. It's easy to look frumpy with huge, thick knits, but it's also not the hardest to temper the shapelessness with feminine aspects, like the above extremely cute skirt. The length and style are the perfect opposite to the sweater, and the solid black bottom half is perfectly simple to let the real elements of the outfit stand out. Though it's simple, it's not forgotten. I mean, those boots. This girl knows how to keep it stylish and feminine without sacrificing the warmth factor.
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