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As it gets colder, I have to motivate myself to really dress up. But one benefit of the cold invites the opportunity for one of my favorite items of clothing that exists: the long sleeved mini dress. Especially for cold weather festivities, it's nice to be able to dress up and look feminine and not want to freeze to death. Another bonus of this item is that you don't have to reach for an awkwardly non-complementary jacket or sweater and you don't have to go on an endless search for one because this dress does the job on its own. And this one is no exception. This outfit was part of The Cut's date night suggestions (more here) for fall, and it's so easy and cute. The winter white works well for the temperature in a heavier, embroidered fabric, and the statement necklace is the perfect addition to the simple high neck. I'm usually not crazy about black shoes with white, but the white on these shoes (which I would donate a kidney for) pull the contrasting colors together in a seasonally appropriate way. The red box clutch is the perfect pop of color to finish it off, and this look can go from date night to holiday party with no changes necessary. For those that are less daring with bare legs in the cold, this look can work just as well with tights.
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