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My birthday is this weekend, and since I share it with one of my friends, we're celebrating for two nights. The main objective of my birthday is to hang out with people, so the festivities are designed around that goal. But that doesn't mean I don't think about what I'm going to wear. As much as I'd love to go full out fancy, the reality is that I want to dance and I don't want my feet to hurt by the end of the night. This dashes my heeled dreams a little bit, but priorities are priorities, and I guess I can wear heels another time. This brings me to the styling in the above photo. The model has on a gorgeous Balmain dress with some heavy duty rings and moody makeup (that isn't too heavy) to match. This girl is the coolest. I actively want to be her, especially with her skill at pulling off this long sleeved mini, which could be extremely glamorous, in a tougher way by wearing it a little oversized and styling it just so. Those boots are awesome, and I love how she's not wearing this with tights. Somehow she's made a blinged out mini dress a little masculine, and it works. Not only does it dress down this all-over embellished dress, it's a fresh way to style this type of look. This outfit serves as a reminder that your clothes definitely don't sit in just one category, and if you want to wear that fancy dress to a not quite as fancy event, all you have to do is think outside the accessories box. 
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