VFiles t-shirt, Forever 21 skirt, J.Crew tights, Aldo shoes
Forever 21 necklace, old initial ring, Forever 21 stud and large stone ring
When I went to interview to work for a stylist, it was the ultimate outfit making challenge for me. After all, if I couldn't dress myself to their standards, why would they trust me to be able to dress someone else in the future? But I still needed to look cool and not overly professional. My mind went straight to this outfit. I love this t-shirt because it dresses down and up equally well. I love the slight irony of a shirt that says "New York City" when I live here, but it wears really well and is really comfy. I love to dress it up, and it's easy with its neutral coloring. I paired it with this brocade-ish skirt with black opaque tights and really tall wedges for a little casual on the top and fancy on the bottom. The statement jewelry balances the look so you can forget that this could be a wear around the house t-shirt in this particular outfit.
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