The Canadian tuxedo, once a fashion don't, like all fashion "rules" have been challenged and broken beyond recognition. Daring fashion rebels have worn denim on denim for a long time, but in recent years, the new crop has come to prove that it's not just for 90s dads, Canadians, Texans and those other labeled groups known for anything besides being fashionable. Street style and blogs let us see how people pair light with dark or dare to go monochrome with their wash. We see what footwear they choose and if they attempt to break up the all over denim. And it should be noted that this is definitely not a girls-only style. Below are some great examples of why, exactly, we decided to start ignoring that rule in the first place. And why we can do so all year round.
Source unknown photos are from a Pinterest search of "denim on denim."
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