Gap circle scarf, Uniqlo maxi dress, Gap denim vest, Converse shoes
silver cuff stolen from mom, Forever 21 rings
I found this black maxi dress at Uniqlo last fall for some ridiculously low price like $20 or something, and was so happy that my maxi dress wearing days weren't limited to warm weather. On fall and more mild winter days, this dress is so easy to throw on and layer, and it stays comfortable all day. For this fall, I wanted to keep the summer memories alive with the denim vest, but with no jacket I can still stay warm with one of my favorite accessories, a thick, knit infinity scarf from Gap, doubled up to create lots of volume (and warmth) at the neck. I always find it a little difficult to choose shoes with maxis that aren't flowy around the ankles, and this one doesn't quite hit the floor, which can make for an awkward situation south of the shin. I decided not to mess with bulky boots and instead finish off the outfit with low tops that bring a fun and sporty vibe to an otherwise classic outfit. Boho-ish jewelry completes the look to give the casual clothing a touch of dressy.

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