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The other day, I was doing my daily Pinterest once-over, and I clicked on a denim baseball hat that piqued my interest to see where it was from. Now, from a removed point of view, that hat is probably best left in the mid-90s where it more rightfully belongs, but I can think of a million outfits that it would look great with, made out of clothes hanging in my closet right now.

And then I thought about how great it is that something that seems destined to live on 90s sitcom kids would now be accepted by those in the fashion industry. But so are the neons of the 80s, wide leg pants of the 70s and mod jumper dresses of the 60s. You'll find drop-waist flapper type dresses of the 20s in stores with 40s pinup inspired shorts. You'll also see the fit and flare midi dresses from 50s housewives from some of the biggest designers. 

The past century has seen the biggest fashion innovation in history, and with it, new styles came and went practically with each decade. People always say that nothing is new in fashion, which I guess you could say is partly true, but today we're lucky enough that all decades apply. Whether fashion week runways see mainly decade callbacks or modern silhouettes, we can wear either, and mix and match as we want. Sure, people can get a little crazy with street style and experimentation, but at least it's interesting, and we can't say it's not in style. Bright colors, crazy patterns, unexpected layering and pairing, accessorizing wherever accessories will go--it's all fair game.

These days, if it comes back, it sticks. It might fade in popularity to new more popular trends, but it's still not weird to sport a trend from a few seasons ago. Stacking rings is the go-to right now, but it doesn't mean people will glare at an arm party, a trend that is technically past its peak. Designers and brands have fun with fashion. There's irony and humor and exaggeration and so many different kind of playing around. Nobody takes themselves too seriously, but it's still just as creative, artistic, respected, studied and obeyed. Now it's our game, and we don't have to retire something until we get tired of it, not when someone else deems it's "out of fashion." They give us the goods and we get to do with them whatever we want.

I love that I can wear a 90s "grunge" oversized plaid button down over a more modern maxi skirt with 70s style platform heels and accessorize with a mustache necklace. Or, you know, so many more "anything goes" combinations. We're so lucky to have so much to choose from, and the lack of limitations means outfit making can be really fun. Just a thought!

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